From the iconic landmarks of Vienna like Schönbrunn Palace and Albertina Museum, to Budapest's Buda Castle and Fisherman's Bastion, and Venice's enchanting Piazza San Marco and Grand Canal, each city offers stunning backdrops for your photos.

Celebrate a fairytale wedding at the enchanting Schloss Obermayerhofen in Styria. This historic castle provided a romantic backdrop for an elegant and joyous occasion, from the heartfelt ceremony to the festive reception.

Experience the enchantment of Vienna's holiday season through beautifully composed photoshoots. Whether in cozy studio settings or amidst Vienna's twinkling lights and festive streets, Elena Azzalini’s photoshoots for couples and families turn moments into cherished memories. Embrace the magic and book a session to create lasting memories this season.

Reflecting on a decade in Vienna and fifteen years in Austria, Elena Azzalini shares her journey of gratitude and growth through photography. Capturing Vienna's beauty and its vibrant culture, her lens has documented personal and professional milestones, from weddings to events. These years have not only shaped her career but also her soul.

This enchanting session tells the story of a couple's love amidst the romantic ambiance of Vienna through my lens. Get inspired to create your own unforgettable proposal in this picturesque setting.

Discover the charm of fall and winter luxury rooftop weddings in Vienna with photographer Elena Azzalini. From intimate preparations to exchanging vows against the city skyline, each moment is captured in timeless elegance. Let your love story unfold amidst the enchanting glow of Vienna's seasonal beauty.

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