Embracing the Fall-Winter Unions’ Charm

As the air turns crisp and the colors of nature transform into a breathtaking symphony, a new chapter of romance beckons. Welcome to a realm where the enchantment of autumn and winter intertwines with your love story, creating a tapestry of warmth, emotion, and splendor.

Embracing the ethereal beauty of fall and the delicate charm of winter, I invite you to embark on a journey through the captivating world of Vienna‘s autumn and winter weddings. Every image captured is a moment suspended in time, a fragment of a love story that unfolds against the backdrop of opulent settings and the city’s skyline.

From the intimate preparation moments suffused with opulence, to the exchange of vows on a rooftop terrace that witnesses your commitment, each frame holds the essence of your journey. Surrounded by loved ones and adorned with the elegance of the season, your love, along with the companionship of your bridesmaids, paints a canvas of warmth and joy, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of all who bear witness.

Are you envisioning your love story illuminated by the enchanting glow of autumn and winter? I specialize in capturing these intimate moments, creating timeless images that mirror the emotions you hold dear. Whether you’re planning your dream wedding or seeking a couple/engagement shoot that encapsulates the magic of your connection, I’m here to craft visual tales that resonate with your heart.

Discover the splendor of seasonal unions through the lens of my camera and allow your love story to become a part of Vienna’s rich tapestry. I invite you to explore the cherished moments that await, and to take the first step in preserving your forever memories. Connect with me today to unveil the possibilities and inquire about my bespoke photography packages. Your timeless journey begins here.


Photography: Elena Azzalini
Planning and organisation: @helloweddingbox
Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna @ritzcarltonvienna
Dresses: Elfenkleid
Dressing Gowns: Vossen by Eva Poleschinski
Attire Groom: Vondru
Jewelry and Ring: Ceramics by Mevisto
Make Up & Hair Bridesmaid: Elnaz Visage
Make Up & Hair Bridesmaid & Bride & Groom: Lore Stellek
Make Up Bride: Sarah Chvala
Cake: Das Tortenstudio Andrea Kargl
Decoration: Raphaela Ramler Venus Weddings
Florist: Florian Griessmaier
Stationary: Nani and Paul PhotoGraphics
Print: Druck im 12ten

Model Bride: Sarah Chvala
Model Bridesmaid 1: Sandra Seidl
Model Bridesmaid 2: Anna- Maria Schlintner
Model Bridesmaid 3: Ivi Stojkovic
Model Bridesmaid 4: Conny Sporrer
Model Groom: Markus Schnabel

Enchanting surprise proposal in a viennese city park

In the early morning hours in Vienna, a charming couple experienced a moment that captured the essence of their love in a picturesque setting.

He and she formed a couple straight out of a fairy tale. But this is their story, and I was fortunate to capture every moment.

The park, bathed in the soft morning light, became the stage for a proposal that left everyone present breathless. He knelt down with a glistening ring in hand, and her surprised and joyful gaze spoke volumes. There’s nothing more beautiful than witnessing eternal love beginning under the golden morning sun.

After the touching proposal, the couple shared intimate and joyful moments within the park’s serene surroundings. The photos capture their love, laughter, and tender glances as they strolled among the trees and blooming flowers. Vienna’s iconic landmarks in the background added a touch of magic to this special day.

This gallery is a tribute to a love that will grow stronger with each passing day, immortalized in images that tell a timeless story. The couple’s beauty, the city of Vienna, and the park at dawn blend into a single frame, creating an indelible memory of this magical morning.

Love is universal, and these photos capture the essence of being in love. The morning proposal in Vienna was just the beginning of an extraordinary journey for this couple, and I am grateful to have been witnesses to this enchanting chapter in their love story. May their life together always be illuminated by the eternal love that shone like the morning sun in Vienna.

To Make Your Moment Unforgettable…

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